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A web portal for professionals buying or selling medical equipment and devices.

What is ?  
    It is a web portal connecting those who manage organizational units in the health service, doctors, management of health service units and other professionals.
Our prime theme is medical equipment. The website is not an auction place. It is a place where everyone can read where and for how much items can be bought and get to know the latest trends and technologies in the medical equipment industry. It is simple – we integrate small and large medical shops. We also present offers straight from the manufacturers. Also, every health service unit or doctor’s office can sell medical equipment here. Both new and used.

Other Hosmed functions:
  • Job offers. Here you can find a potential employer in the health service, home or abroad.
  • Offers of services for health service units and the medical industry.
  • "On Duty" module, containing a collection of useful weblinks to databases, medical literature, case studies, important events. Also a series of articles linked to medical equipment, new technologies and the world of medicine.
In the future, apart from the Polish and English versions, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Russian versions will be available.
Welcome to HosMed!

Do you want to sell something ?  
Nothing simpler!
1. Create a user account on Hosmed - Registration,
2. Fill in a company profile form and make the activation
3. Start listing your items - START
4. If you have an online store
    Integrate your site with

We are charging a one-off activation fee of 1 Euro without additional charges! Our primary source of income is advertising. This very attractive offer allows to list on our pages any quantities of medical equipment without time constraints. Furthermore, as a part of the activated subscription you can list offers for the medical sector (e.g. servicing, training, laundry mangement, catering etc.) as well as job offers for doctors and others in the medical industry.
Our classification of medical equipment is based on a very precise UNSPSC classification, the most widespread and complete in the world, containing several thousand categories of medical equipment.

If you have an online store

that offers medical equipment, you can also offer the products with us. Hosmed increases the chance of potential clients reaching your products. You can even integrate your site with the site set up by through daily data imports. In addition, due to the direct links to the products on your website, as well as our other special efforts, you can increase your site’s ranking in Internet search engines.

An offer for health care units

In public and private hospitals, as well as other patient care points, medical equipment worth billions of dollars lays idle for various reasons. With every day and month its value depreciates, whereas other hospitals and care units could use it. The possibility of a resale of such equipment used to be limited due to lack of communication in the market. This is why those who encountered this problem created Hosmed.
    The system is simple and straightforward. Most importantly, it allows you to sell or resell idle medical equipment in accordance with national and international laws. We will try to maximise the number of potential buyers. The profits are yours and will help you run your health care organisation.
Everything is so much easier in this way…
Do you want to buy something ?  

New medical equipment

On the portal you can see offers of the equipment offered by a lot of shops with medical equipment, which cooperate with Hosmed. You can start searching for medical equipment of your interest on Hosmed, where you will find in one place equipment in specific category (in accordance to the classification of UNSPSC) offered by different vendors and manufacturers. Without any problems, you can then go to the product site of the vendors web sites to make a transaction, or seek further information.

Used medical equipment

That is not difficult either. All you have to do is find the item you are interested in and get in touch with the seller. All formalities are between the buyer and the seller, without third parties, additional costs or problems. No auctions, no traps.
You are a professional and you buy equipment from other professionals, just like you. This is why this is the best way to acquire equipment from “safe” hands. Hospitals and other care units, public or private, home or abroad, can offer equipment they have but do not use. You decide whether you are interested in buying it and whether you get in touch with the seller.
It is simple, and cost-effective.

Used equipment:

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